6 Aug 2015

Shamem Ghul Khan Desi pure girl online finding life partner

Hi, Sweet friends Salam? Meet me i am Shameem Ghul Khan from Islamabad Pakistan.Dear friend i am looking good decent character life partner online .It means to enjoy a loving relationship despite faults. Of course there is a limit in acceptance. I would think the vast majority of persons seek somebody of . Decent character may be a matter of opinion. If you are interested in talking to me on my contact number then you can contact them through my Email add.
Name:Shameem….. Last Name: Ghul Khan….. City: Islamabad….. Age: 25 ….. Country: Pakistan….. Provence:Punjab…. Education: B.A …B.com. Occupation: Student ….. Height:5ft 6″ …. Hair Color: Black … Eye Color: Black …. Hobbies: Study, Cooking …


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