3 Aug 2015

New York medical center witness girl crying blood

New York is fame for many things including their historical places but have come up with anything unique in video and that video is taken from New York Hospital and relative of the girl who is very concerned about her current state. Doctors in hospitals in New York are from different points of view regarding this case Everyone said that they have never seen before this sort of case because the source of blood flow is not elsewhere at the end pediatrician was called UT Southwest and Dr. George Buchanan children’s medical center for solvinf this mystery of blood tears. that was the first point of view that medical treatment is needed in any hospital in New York and later realized that every time blood leaves the head of the girl and her eyes except her mother is with she and provided the source of the blood they tried to find no cut or scratch. The doctor changed view about girl did not need any medical treatment and psychiatric treatment is needed along with her mother because no signs of blood coming from any specific space or cut on the head and eyes. You should be aware of this fact that when something irritating and difficult life comes to an individual that someone would find it difficult to accommodate in their life New York hospitals which usually found with these sorts of cases. Do not share this video to publicize the fact that these diseases are more of the problems of the mind rather than health problems. When the mind starts thinking about the negative thoughts and create an attitude of self compassion for their self .



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