24 Jul 2015

Qmobile Lifts an Indian TVC and Airs it in Pakistan for its Z7 Phone

It seems like our recent revelation of Qmobile copying an Oppo’s R5 ad campaign wasn’t the end of the story.

After doing some more digging around, we found that it was not the only case of lazy creative work from the one of the most popular phone brands in the country.
Brazilian Model Larissa Bonesi who appeared in QMobile (Read Gionee) TVC
Qmobile is also ripping off a TVC made in India by a company called Gionee for its S5.1 smartphone.
This doesn’t stop here actually as Gionee S5.1 is apparently the same phone that is launched in Pakistan. It has stripped down specs but the design remains the same.
The Qmobile advert for the Noir Z7 is literally the same; in fact, it uses the same footage featuring a Brazilian Model Larissa Bonesi and all they did was replace the Gionee logo with their own.
Even the tag line, and phone models in the TVC remains the same.
Have a look for yourself.

Gionee S5.1 Advertisement:

Qmobile Noir Z7 Advertisement: 


Two points here.
First, Qmobile are coming across as ridiculously cheap and really should get their own media agency to do some work. They may be the most popular brand in the lower segments of the market but have struggled to have the same impact at the higher end smartphone market.
Marketing and brand perception are just as important as your product, somebody just ask HTC who learned this the hard way. So you can’t take shortcuts and you certainly can’t rip off whatever you like and casually pass it as your own work. It does irreparable damage and its just not worth it.

Another interesting implication of the video is the question, are the Gionee S5.1 and Noir the same smartphones? If yes, it seems like Qmobile and similar brands in other countries are simply buying phones from same manufacturers in China and acting as glorified distributors.
This question has come up before as well and many believe that Qmobile uses the same source as Micromax in India, but now a similar TVC too? in two altogether different countries? Does this ring any bells?

Do they actually have any legitimate claim?

The only possible explanation is that QMobile is owned by the same company as Gionee. Otherwise, such actions are ridiculous even by Pakistani standards.
We don’t have a lot of copyright protection in the country but if you are one of the most recognizable brands and still resort to copying and ripping others off, you should be ashamed of yourselves. If this were a western country, they’d probably be served a lawsuit already.

Qmobile Official Response:

We made all possible efforts to get QMobile’s take on this, and in fact we delayed the story to give them enough time for a response, but nothing has come up as of yet.
We will update the post if and when we hear anything from QMobile.



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