27 Jun 2015

Horrible Visuals of Flood Hitting Spain

Madrid: Spain is one of the most elegant countries in Europe due to its amazing boulevards and splendid parks. Tourists love traveling to Spain in summer season and hotels in Madrid are filled with the tourists. During the Muslim rule in the country, it was the educational, architectural, economical hub of Europe but now it seems losing its worth in these areas. The economic condition of Spain has gone down due to natural disaster in the whole country. Few months ago, horrible flood hit the country badly and the infrastructure of different cities destroyed completely. The boulevards, parks and bridges were destroyed and the hotels in Madrid were drowned into the flood. The visuals of the flood hitting Spain were captured by the news channels of international media which showed the cars, vehicles, and building were flowing the floodwater. So many people were died and several got severe injuries in the disaster. The government declared emergency in the whole country and started the rescue operation immediately. In the rainy season, the records of rains were broken which caused heavy flooding in the different cities of Spain. The floodwater was flowing on the boulevards, parks, streets and over the astonishing bridges and destroyed everything in its way. The cars were flowing with the floodwater so as many people drowned into it.

The hotels in Madrid were completely destroyed due to heavy flooding in the city and it caused economic disaster Spain. The flood ruined the beauty and infrastructure of the country and it might take several years to develop them again. The visuals of the flood hitting the country were horrible and told the whole story of the disaster.



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