30 Jun 2015

Horrible Scenes of Graveyard

This has been an incredible moment of wildlife management in London. The incident happened there in one of the theme parks’ swimming pool. A couple was there to spend the weekend with their little baby, a toddler boy. The overall environment seemed to be very relaxing. I don’t know what happened all of a sudden that the couple dropped their toddler in water who already knew how to swim. This was not just enough because the toddler started doing something else as well. The baby started playing with a real snake. This is what makes me realize that in such circumstances, there is a need of wildlife management in London. I can say for sure that the real snake could kill the toddler. But he seems to be happy enough while playing with it. This is the duty of parents and elders to keep their kids away.

Whenever we go out of our homes for spending some time in the wildlife management places of London, we should try our level best to stay safe from such dangerous species. Animals like lion, tiger, elephant, bear, snakes and others are just good to be seen from a distance. It makes no sense for us to get closer to them and to touch them. Just viewing them in London zoos, parks, or forests is enough. We should keep our children away from such things because it is life taking. This snake could kill the toddler but he was lucky to stay safe at that moment.



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