27 Jun 2015

BBC London Reports: Dreadful Flood Hits Chile

Somewhere in this world people live a very comfortable life that only joy and happiness are facing in your life, Chile is also included in this part of the world is one of the leading states of America. Chile’s population is very high and people in most of its cities are high profile lives. They are equipped with all the comforts of life so they can enjoy total freedom and protection but natural disasters are what the people of Chile are not safe from. In this video you can see very large type of flooding hit some cities in Chile, emergency rule throughout the area and the rescue operation immediate declared were wounded started. Many people in that incident government announced millions of dollars needed to rebuild it because many houses completely flooded damaged that horrible. Some of them went to their relatives living in other states and people lost everything cities. Many establishment of his life, but the government helped all needy people as a priority and make the re-populated city in immediate basis. Watch video and share this too.



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