30 Jun 2015

Alien Found In Russia

For last couple of decades world is listening too much about alien through Hollywood movies. Reason behind this is that scientists are getting evidence of it. They are founding aliens on this planet earth sometimes dead and sometimes alive. There is another video, in which one alien is found but dead. This dead body did not discover by any archaeologist but by some residence of Serbia Russia. They were passing through that place when they saw strange kind of thing on the snow. They went near to that body and when they saw, it was body of dead alien. They were shooting the snow of Serbia to show the world, how cold it may be in Russia but all of sudden they recorded the dead body of Alien. At first it was scary for them because they never saw this kind of body ever in their life. Since it was not moving so they slowly started to go near to that alien. After getting nearby that body they are discussing about their discovery in their native language.

NASA's leaked video of Aliens from Rosewell... by khabarnamcha

Serbia is the state of Russia and probably the second coldest place after Antarctica. It is hard to live there for the people but still people have to live there because they got no other place to live. They go out in search of food. They go out to go to their jobs and sometimes they do meet this kind of incident. It might be scary for other people around the world but it is usual for the people of Russia



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