27 Jun 2015

Air ambulance would have changed life story

Every second day, there comes  new story about soome tragic incident. The most disturbing thing is that people lose life just because the absence of first aid. In developed countries, governments and private jet companies have initiated flight operation of air ambulance. These emergency medical flights repond to call and save lives of countless people.

However, story is different in thirl world countries ass they do not have even basic facilities of life so air ambulance is mere a dream for them. It is time for people with fortune to donate and establish emergecny medical flight operations. It will cost less and save many precious lives. It would be interesting to see who comes forward for this noble cause.

It is worth mentioning here that these emergency medical flights and air ambulance are well equipped and trained crew flies with thye patient to avoid any mishandling of the patient. Hope someone will listen and respond to this much needed call for air ambulance. This noble cause needs cooperation of those who have everything in their life and want to share with unprivileged.


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