28 Jun 2015


3D view of RAWDAH RASOOL SAW and the PROPHET... by pkvideohub

Nobody has ever seen any video before. Today we will show exclusive footage from Roza Rasool SAW -i from the inside. You can count on those people who have seen -i Roza Rasool saw from the inside. Due to the security and sanctity of the place Saudi state government only it allows guests to visit inside. Some random Muslims who visited Roza Rasool SAW -I really made this video. He has done tremendous amount of work to benefit other Muslims for this beautiful video. You should check the video and spread the word worldwide. Kaba is considered the first holy place which was built by Hazrat Adam AS first and then Hazrat Ibrahim AS worship Allah. Later it was re- built by different people at different times. Now it was extended by the Saudi Government recently and still have another plane to expand more. Muslims around the world go there to perform Hajj and Umar. Hajj is the duty of every Muslim at least once in life, but only for those who can afford it. Umrah is not a duty that must be done, but only because Muslims perform Hazrat Muhammad SAW did it once in your life. Hajj is a pilgrimage of Islam in five and Muslims around the world are going to Mecca and Medina in billions in the month of zil – hajj. They visit Holy Kaba first and then go to the -i Roza Rasool SAW. Without going Medina hajj is not complete. Hajj is to do the duty of every Muslim who can afford to do so. Otherwise, unless someone can afford it, then it is not obligatory for him. Hajj and Umrah by the Hazrat Muhammad SAW only once. Currently Kaba and Roza Rasool SAW -i are maintained and insured by Saudi government. In fact, for the last couple of years all the chiefs of the different tribes are managed to ensure and maintain Harmain Sharifain. That is why the Saudi rulers called themselves ” sharifain Khadim Harmain –i. Very few Muslims have the chance to watch from inside the Kaaba, random security person has captured this video and uploaded



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