27 Jun 2015

23,000 Dolphins Fish Killed In Japan Every Year

Japan's dolphin slaughter by pkvideohub

Dolphins are the most friendly man marine mammal. There are forty species of dolphins worldwide. They are close to the whale in characteristics. Usually they stay close to the shore and enjoy the love with humans. Dolphin is a Greek name, which was related to Greek “Womb”. A group of dolphins can be called a school or pod further Male dolphins are called bulls females are called cows and young are called calves. See More: BBC London Reports: Dreadful Flood Hits Chile People around the world love the dolphins. Especially they are going to the beaches to watch dolphins and love to see dolphin`s playing. Even human love dolphins show how they play. People in the world also go to the beach to kill dolphins. They are sick people who kill dolphins to mind their business, even after the strict rules on animal rights. They work like mafia control even Governor They go to the beaches in the area and label groups of dolphins in the sea. Which they do not allow anyone to come on beaches. Yet you will not see the police or security guards loitering around. In fact they leave the public to go there. In the video you can see how they are brutally killing dolphins. Dolphins are mammals not attack harmless even they cannot defend themselves. You can see the ease with which are killing thousands of dolphins on the beach. People who are trying to save dolphins are endangered as well. Mafia is also giving threat to them for murder. You are on the beach and watch the dolphins there, then I think it would be more enjoyable day of your life. Dolphin is more beautiful and friendly mammal on the edge of the earth. Usually they stay near the seashore. They also love human beings around. If you are playing with them, then they show you their tricks and you will be surprised to see such tactics they do at sea. They will I go deep in water and appear in front of you to jump. Furthermore they laugh while doing these tricks. Do any of you see people killing dolphins for their business? Here is the video of the brutality with innocent people they are killing dolphins in the sea. This video was taken on the beach in Japan’s. These people are working there as the mafia. They are not afraid of anyone even Gov. afraid of them.



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