6 May 2015

Salman Khan sentenced to five years in prison in hit and run case

Salman Khan sentenced to five years in prison in hit and run case
Salman Khan is a bollywood film actor born on 27 December 1965. He play a role dramatic, Action and romantic in Bollywood movies.He is a superstar of Bollywood. Salman Khan first movie is Hum Aapke Hain Koun.Recently he sing a song “Hangover” this song is very popular song from all over the world.

Salman khan relation with Aishwarya Rai is a well publicized topic in all over the world.Rai family forced to break the relation due to all of this relation break up. Salman khan involved in an accident case. while he ws driving on Mumbai road his car hit the people who are sleeping on a foot path.

He killed one person and 4 person injured in this accident.Due to the sudden death of a person Salman khan facing a case from 2002. At the end court decided to arrest him and order five year jail.This is an accident but salman khan fighting this case from 2002 and now in 2015 Mumbai Sessions court order to arrest salman khan and give him five year jail watch exclusive footage.

After listening this news Salman khan eyes is wets and his brother also starts weeping. His brother Sohail Khan left the court when he listen this news her sister also crying while listen this news.



Mumbai Session court order to caught Salman Khan on hit and run case and fined him twenty five thousand rupees. All Bollywood fans are praised Salman khan and says we all are with him.



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