8 Apr 2015

Sumera Sanam 21 Old Years Students of Lahore college

   Hello Friends Salam? Name Sumera Sanam 21 years old From Lahore  Pakistan. Religion:Muslim.. Marital Status:Singles … Language:Urdu, English .. Occupation: Student … City/State: Lahore Country:Pakistan.. Future Plans: Wants to be a good” Doctors… Family Status:7 Members in family, 3 brothers 2 sister.She wants a loving, smart, honest, caring, honest and handsome person for friendship because she is also very beautiful and cut that you can also see her personal photo on the top of this article. So, if there is anyone who like her and wants to friendship with her then you just have to your personal number into the below comment box. You can also find other friends on this site because this is the site of friendship and finding your correct life partner.Nobody is stopping you to dial a number on your mobile phone and chat to a Lahori girl from anywhere in the great Mughal empires city. If only you had their numbers, how you wish. You are spending some quality time on the internet searching for girls from Lahore who have their mobile phone numbers and pictures posted through MMS or other technologies. Please share lahori girls phone numbers and images. if you have liberty market girls from Lahore mobile numbers.
She wants to make friends all around the world. She is very lovely and innocent girls. We have her friend’s Mobile number and her own too,
Sumera Sanam Mobile #: 03363747299


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