13 Apr 2015

Rahela Mehdi 21 Old Years student of Karachi college

Name. Rahela Last Name Mehdi Age 21 years old from Karachi National college . Religion:Muslim.. Marital Status:Singles … Language:Urdu, English .. Occupation: Student … City/State: Karachi Country:Pakistan.. Future Plans: Wants to be a good” Doctors… Family Status:5 Members in family, 1 brothers 1 sister.The people of this city (Karachi) are very intelligent, wise and cooperative. They help each other when they need help or in difficult. I am telling you (Second author) of Date With Hot Babies about the girls of Karachi. Nowadays the girls of Karachi are just look likes western and modern and more fashionable and stylish as well as board minded also and hot and sexy too. They don’t feel any shy to have trips and picnics with friends….


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