3 Apr 2015

First look of Jawani phir nae ani

 First look of Jawani phir nae ani

Hamza Ali Abbassi is one of the finest performers. He has been widely known as a television actor and fashion model. He started his career at the age of 17. Today, Hamza Ali Abbassi is regarded as one of the most popular, handsome, beautiful, and successful celebs of the country.
This article is about one of Hamza’s movies which is being criticized these days due to having some nude scenes. Not only Hamza but also the rest of the team members of the movie are going through extreme criticism now a days. When Hamza was asked about it in an interview, he said that those scenes are not at all bad enough. They are, in fact, as per the requirement of the story and movie.

Hamza Ali Abbassi further said that this particular movie has an impactful story. According to its demand, such scenes were mandatory to shoot. In the society we live in, such things are not supportive at all. It is not only Hamza who is being talked about these days regarding this movie but also the other celebrities of the movie.
Still, Hamza Ali Abbassi seems to be confident that this movie would become a big hit both in domestic and international entertainment markets. He has said that they have really worked hard to make this movie. They are hoping to make a lot more movies with more amazing concepts and stories, in case this proves to be a blockbuster. Let us wait and watch if this movie is liked by the audience or not.



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