8 Apr 2015

#9 (tie) – age 20

     Not really man. That chick's like....unhealthy. I'd only bang 6 of them though because ass is the deal maker/breaker for me, but then again, I'm black, so maybe you're different. That ginger's disgusting, BTW. I'd rather just jerk off than accept any sexual advances from that! Oh, and I counted 6 girls with ass, which is what I call curvy, not that fat disgusting BBW shit feminist s talk about. However, I think chicks get confused easily, so I'm seriously not sure what word to use. People think we like fat chicks. We don't. Sir Mix a lot wanted 36-24-36 at 5'3", not 40-40-40, you know? Big ass, tiny waist, nice tits- best thing you can ever get man.


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