8 Apr 2015

12 Thoughts Every Woman Has the First Time She Has Sex After Giving Birth

Treating your partner like your middle school boyfriend who only got to first base is weird in the best of circumstances. But doing it for the six weeks after you’ve had a baby is freaking bizarre. So it’s not surprising that new parents are pretty pumped when the doctor-mandated six-week ban on sex is up.
Of course, it’s natural to be nervous/excited/anxious/horny/completely freaked out once it’s finally go time again. Here are the thoughts that fly through every new mom’s head when she finally has sex again post-baby.
1. “How Does This Work Again?”
Seriously. You two haven’t gone this long without doing it in…ever. Plus, you’re so sleep-deprived you can barely remember your ATM pin, let alone how to do it.


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