13 Mar 2015

Sunny Deol disrespected by Pakistani Military guy

Sunny Deol disrespected by Pakistani Military guy 

Talking about Sunny Deol, he is, no doubt, one of the finest and most amazing performers of Indian film industry. After spending so many years in Bollywood, Sunny Deol has established himself as a great actor and now he has become a film director and producer. This star has countless fans all over the world, and is always loved for his beautiful and superb performance. Those who love Sunny Deol and are Muslims should be aware with the fact that this man is against Islam. Yes, that is true, he has often delivered anti- Islam dialogues in many of his movies. Gaddar is one of them. In all of his movies, Sunny Deol directly or indirectly depicted that he does not like the existence of Islam on this planet earth. But things can not be gone according to Sunny’s likes and dislikes.

The truth is that Islam is one of the biggest powers in this world. It has countless followers and preachers spread all over the world. Those who support this religion would definitely raise their voices against such acts of Sunny Deol.
It is not only this man of Bollywood alone, but also there are many over there who want to speak something against Islam before or behind the camera. Such people should not become a part of the professional industry because they really don’t deserve it. All the non- Muslims should try their best to give value to Islam in a way that they don’t react against its preaching and values.



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