29 Mar 2015

Shardha Kapoor stabbed stunt man with real knife a fatal accident on movie set

 Shardha Kapoor stabbed stunt man real knife a fatal accident on movie set

Shardha Kapoor gained success, fame and name from her 1st movie Ashquie 2. Now while filming for her next movie, Shardha was supposed to hit a stunt man with a fake knife. The things went wrong when Shardha kapoor stabbed him with a real knife.

The stunt man got seriously injured and he was rushed to the hospital. After that Shardha was moved to her vanity car. She was panicked at this. Either someone tried to play a prank with her or some one did it on purpose.

Success in Bollywood comes with a price to pay. This maybe the price that Shardha is paying right now. People get jealous when you are successful and they do different tricks to bring you down.



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