8 Mar 2015

Pakistan (Sindh) discover the remains of millions of years old, the longest python

Pakistan (Sindh) discover the remains of millions of years old, the longest python

Karachi: Sindh Pakistan and French experts from the world of African descent have discovered the bones of ancient and large dragon, snake, jayygyntufs was called and about 4 to 6 million years ago, there was this place that is part of Sindh.International scientific journal, Eliza software, according to findings published in the French experts from the university associated with the dragon remains of million years old have been discovered in Sindh and cranny of the area. Experts have discovered the snake and the snake a few puppets found in Africa, jayngytufs' is slightly different.The remains discovered cranny 'jaygyntufs' Gigantophis garstini similar to the remains of the ancient African snakes which approximately ten meters (33 feet) away and it was almost all the longest (7 to 8 meters) from snakes was larger. It can swallow large prey instead of poison to kill himself firmly robber was digested when the animals suffer for it was not a problem.According to experts, it is likely that it will come time when the snake from Africa to Asia and Africa millions of years ago were separated andupakstany plate. Greg mytays French experts, Jean-Claude Ridge, anacaryh bartluny and other experts, Dr Rafiq Lashari University, with the support of several years of research Brohi and daktrsrfraz Solangi said. Both men have been discovered in Sindh faslz are amazing.The 'jayngytufs' out of Africa before it is first discovered the remains of the oldest snakes have been discovered in Egypt and Libya.


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