13 Mar 2015

Nuclear guided Missiles in Pak Army

 Nuclear guided Missiles in Pak Army

Pakistan is one of the fewer countries in the world to have its own nuclear power and energy resources. This country has long been under the extreme threats of outside forces and external attacks. It is due to its nuclear power that Pakistan has now managed to stay safe. The enemy states like India, and others always try to find the ways of how to defeat Pakistan. This video clearly shows that the country has missile power and own nuclear energy resources. So, in case, India like states are planning to attack it, they cannot. They would have to think twice and thrice about attacking any part of Pakistan.

If they do so, they would get similar attacks from Pakistan side. This is what has stopped many of the countries from such things. This country, Pakistan, is no more under the threats of any external forces because all of them know that the state owns its nuclear power plants and atomic energy resources that can be used against them, if needed.

In such circumstances, we need to develop and maintain peace and harmony. We should be careful of what we do and what we don’t do. This is because not only Pakistan but also the rest of the countries need utmost peace. There should not be threats or warnings given to each other. The governments of all states, instead, should try to create peaceful environments within and outside so that they and their people can enjoy freedom and healthy lifestyles.



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