14 Mar 2015

New York: Recitation of Quran in American Senate

 New York: Recitation of Quran in American Senate

New York: In the City of New York the verses of Holy Quran were recited in American Senate for the first time in the history of United States of America. A ten years old Muslim kid was invited in the session of Senate to recite the verses before the beginning of session. The presence of President Barak Obama was the most interesting part of the event.
Before this incident, an American priest gave permission to recite Azan in Church in New York where so many American citizens participated in the ceremony. A Muslim American actor recited the Azan in beautiful voice mesmerizing the audience not just inside the Church but outside as well. The youngsters requested the actor to say Azan once more when he came out from Church in New York City.
This was the second time when recitation of Holy Quran had taken place after 1980 in any American representative institute. Once the arrival of General Zia-ul-Haq in New York City, the recitation of Holy Quran was taken place for the first time. Now the history repeated itself recently in the presence of President of United States of America.

The Holy Quran is the last sacred book of Almighty Allah which gives complete guidance to mankind and any person from nay religion can take help from this book to solve the problems. The scientists have acknowledged the authenticity and truthiness of this book as it is helping them in getting important breakthrough regarding scientific issues.
The Non-Muslims are now acknowledging that only Quran is the best constitution of living life and that’s why the converting of Non-Muslims to Islam is increasing day by day. The priests are giving permission to recite Azan in Church in New York City, recitation of Holy Quran has done in American Senate and American Citizens are embracing Islam; these are the signs of victory of Islam.



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