28 Mar 2015

London’s center discovered new world

 London’s center discovered new world

Space research center in London has discovered a totally new world. We known most about out solar system but we cant say that we know everything about our solar system. Also the positions of the stars in the solar system are also changing rapidly.

There are the news from the London’s research center. This research center was working on this topic which is one of the most admired and discussed topics in the world. The sightings of the UFO and other unidentifiable objects at the country side of London, Birmingham, Bradford and New Castle has started a new race among the bloggers in the  Europe.

We are still looking into this matter that either there exist a new world some where around us or not. But the scientists at the research center in London have made it very clear that they are present there whether anyone believe it or not.
Living in London makes a person very broad minded. If you ever happen to visit the Borough of Harrriengly in London, you will find a new world in the Camden Town. To  look like a devil worshiper and sinner is a fashion there. Its a part of their culture which is centuries old.
If we can find a new world, some where in London then the possibility to find a new world in space increases many times. It can be seen from the



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