10 Mar 2015

London: Lions Attack on Jeep Driver in London

London: Lions Attack on Jeep Driver in London 

London: More than twelve lions attacked on jeep driver in London when he came closer to the animals. The driver brought food for the animals to feed them as they looked hungry for many days. As he entered into their domain, the lions immediately attacked on the jeep for food. The driver did not have any choice but only to throw food.
The jeep dealers in London city assured the durability to the driver that it cannot damaged unless it hit into big vehicles. Therefore, he went into the domains of lions without fear because he knew the predators couldn’t harm him if he did not come out of the vehicle. That’s why the attack of lions was not successful.
However, you cannot underestimate the power of predators whatever precautionary measures you take going in front of them. Your life always remains at high risk even if you stay in jeep all the time. The man was well aware about it and he did not want to provoke the most dangerous predator of the earth anymore.
Although the jeep dealer in London gave assurance of the vehicle’s durability but the driver did not want to create problems for him and threw rabbit in from of the lions. All predators ran after the rabbit but only one got the success to catch it. The other predators remained hungry and they all attacked on the vehicle for more food.
The situation turned very interesting for the driver but he did not have much food to feed the animals except few birds. He threw the birds from the window of the jeep and closed it immediately to avoid any kind of trouble. The birds tried to fly but all in vain as the lions caught them and ate immediately.
The jeep driver did not staid there anymore and got out from the domain of lions safely. He enjoyed his day with durable jeep as assured by jeep dealer in London. With the durability of vehicle he couldn’t get out alive from the domain of predators.



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