30 Mar 2015

France: Mermaid Born to a family

 France: Mermaid Born to a family

The world of internet is always full of hoax and rumors but there are many news that appear to be hoax but they are true. Its hard to believe but its true that a real life mermaid is born to a human family in France. Such an extra ordinary event seems to be a fake news but the different videos of the mermaid princess from France has created a strong buzz all over the internet.

This news that came first under the name of Real life mermaid is now making progress by leaps and bounds all over the internet.
France that is known as the hub of Fashion and glamour to the whole world is now known for another reason. This little girl might be creation of Human cloning. Human cloning is an illegal medical and biological practice that is still going on in different parts of the world. The government of France has made strick laws like other brotherly European countries.

The scientists that are working all over the world now a days are still looking for the strong reason that how this mermaid miracle happened. Before this a dead mermaid lady was found on a white sandy beach of France in the South of France.  That video also flew viral across the Face Book and this is known fact that there are mermaids as there are stories about the mermaids since last thousands of years.
France is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its is home to many lovely industries. France’s capital Paris is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the whole world. The discovery of little mermaid princess will also add to the tourism industry of France.
We should also keep in mind that such news are made by the different group of arts who love to make buzz online.



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