4 Feb 2015

Noshad Anwer 23 Old Years Student of I-O-U- Lahore Dating Profiles

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Hello Friends I am Noshad Anwer 23 years old from Lahore Pakistan.looking that person which must be sincere and well educated for real friendship, if you are that person join me and share your bio data with whole of those information which is must show your personal life and your family status. I am waiting for your response if you are really interested i will appreciate your feelings, remember don’t miss to send me your full detail with your profile picture. Also you can know more about my persona data to go on next page and read my more bio data.
Name: Noshad ….. Last Name: Anwer….. City: Lahore….. Age: 23 ….. Country: Pakistan….. Provence:Punjab…. Education: B.A …B.com. Occupation: Student ….. Height:6ft 6″ …. Hair Color: Black … Eye Color: Black …. Hobbies: Study, Cooking …Looking tv Shows. Best Color: Pink …. Best Actor: Amir Khan …. Looking For: Sincere And Well Educated Person For Real Friendship.


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