26 Feb 2015

Major jolts felt in northern areas and Islamabad

Major jolts felt in northern areas and Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Major earthquake tremors were felt in northern areas including Swat, Mansehra, Buttagram, Malakand and Muzaffarabad in Friday's wee hours. There is no immediate report regarding casualties and damages, SAMAA reported.

The tremors uncommonly continued for ten to 15 seconds that awoke sleeping people. The jolts were felt in the federal capital too. The Northern Areas swung by the quake include Murree, Haripur, Abbottabad, Nowshera and Tank.

The tremors magnitude was measured 5.8 at Richter Scale, according to the Met Department. The epicenter was located at the depth of 32 kilometers and at least 92 kilometers to the north off Islamabad.

According to the initial reports, the foremost jolts accompanied a loud rumble that frightened the people. The unusually prolonged jolts sent the panicked citizens rushing out of their houses along with their children. Reciting kalma and Quranic verses, they ran to safety in open areas.

It should be mentioned here that the quake struck northern areas twice within three hours. –SAMAA


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