26 Jan 2015

ICSPA virus removal guide

ICSPA Virus is a ransomware program that attacks computer users of several countries using different versions of notifications in different languages. The letters ICSPA stand for International Cyber Security Protection Alliance and it mainly targets computers located in the UK, Ireland, Canada, the United States and Australia. The warning always contains its logo and a name of local police institution or other law authority.
ICSPA Virus displays a message on the screen of the infected computer saying that you have been using and distributing copyrighted content and this way violated the law of your country. At last you are asked to pay a fine which varies from 100 to 300 euros or dollars most of the time and depending on which country the badware is attacking.
The purpose of ICSPA virus is to get money from computer users by accusing them for violating the law. Again depending on which country you live in, it asks to pay a fine using Ukash, Paysafecard or Moneypak payment systems. You should ignore these accusation and never pay anything what it tells you. No law authority would use such methods to announce about your faults and they would never collect fines using pre-paid cards.


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