13 Jan 2015

Green Tea Best in Pregnancy 2015

11. Pregnancy:
As we already discussed above, green tea has a lot of health benefits which make it really popular amongst pregnant women. The high antioxidant level helps the body to recover from cell-damage, regulates blood sugar and insulin levels, and also helps in controlling hypertension.
Gestational hypertension and diabetes are common problems faced in the later stages of pregnancy. The high oxidant levels in green tea help in reducing the probability of facing these issues as they help in boosting the immune system of the pregnant woman.

Though drinking green tea during pregnancy has its benefits, it is important to consider some of the minor risk factors it poses. Green tea contains caffeine, though in a very small quantity but it is still present. Caffeine is diuretic which means it forces the body to release or excrete more water than usual which at times leads to dehydration.
Maintaining the level of hydration is essential during pregnancy as dehydration can prevent the body from absorbing necessary nutrients. Pregnancy requires an increased amount of vitamins and minerals, and diuretics can facilitate the loss of these nutrients through the urine, so it important to consult your doctor in this case.


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