20 Oct 2014

Not prepared to face insecurity from masses: Bachchan

Mumbai: Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan has faced many ups and downs in his glorious career but says he still finds himself unprepared to face the insecurity from the fans.
The 72-year-old actor said viewers have the power to elevate stars to the highest peak of stardom and bring them down in an instant.
“Insecurity from the masses is the greatest challenge one has to face… Those that can, and many do, are blessed. I am not, for me the call from the audience is the moment of reckoning, they can deflate you and pick one up, they can elevate you to unknown heights and bring you down with a thump.
“I have seen it all. The elevation and the deflation, the plateau effect and the effect of stagnation, of the smile among audiences, of the recognition, of shame and victory from it, and the triumph of those that decided to make what you become,” Bachchan said in his blog while describing the importance of audience in an actor’s life.
The ‘Bhootnath Returns’ star added that making peace with the highs and lows of stardom is difficult and those who can achieve that are his heroes.
“It is a stage that often invites the lessening of the interest.. A cause that shall happen to us all in the business. Those that can bear it and live with it in peace and understanding are my heroes,” he said.


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