3 Oct 2014

Neelam Abro 23 old years from Karachi Pakistan.

Hi Friends I’m Neelam Abro Age 23 Years old From Karachi  Clifton  Religion:Muslim.. Marital Status:Singles … Language:Urdu, English .. Occupation: Student .. Future Plans: Wants to be a good” Models… Family Status:’6 Members in family, 1 brothers 2 sister.Hi! My full name is Neelam and I live in Karachi’s famous and nice place name Clifton. Clifton is an affluent neighborhood located in the Sadder Town of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Clifton has been reputed to be a residential place of the rich and famous people of Karachi since the independence of Pakistan. South of Clifton likes Clifton Beach, Pakistan’s most popular beach. I very like my area. My full name is Neelam Naaz. My age is twenty Three  on years old. I completed my qualification from Karachi University. Now days I am totally free, my parents saying to me that it’s the right age to get married but I don’t thinks so that it’s the right time for get married. I just want to spend my life with lots of fun first. Therefore, I want to make some good friends. A friend you can trust and share you hearts feelings. I think a friend can change your life. They can be a boy and can be a girl. The other person should be a good looking an elegant. If you want to see my photos you can see my personal profile on this site. If you want to contact I also upload my personal mobile number. You people also send me yours mobile number. I think we can spend a good time with each others. I am the only daughter of my parents. They really love me and see me happy always. Therefore, I also want to a person who also respects my parents. A person which I can trust, share my personal experiences, and many others things. thisThe other person should be young, dedicated and must be a educated personality. I think this website s very useful for youngsters because the modern boys and girls very like to friendship with each others. They spend lots of time on it like calling on phone and chatting with friends in other social networking sites like facebook, orkut and yahoo etc. Mostly boys in colleges really fun but I don’t like that think because I think it’s a bad habit to meet a unknown person first you give a chance to made a friendship with you. I think it’s the right place right time and right location to meet unknown people. My friend named by sana also like site because she make many friend through this platform but now its my turn. Please reply my post if you like me and want to friendship on mobile phone. I think that mobile phone is a good option to spend a good time. It is also important because my parents don’t like that I go some where out with an unknown person.



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