12 Oct 2014

Mystery of the real life Gone Girl

The mystery thriller about a loving wife who suddenly disappears leaving her husband to face awkward questions is a box office sensation.
Yet for one devoted husband in America the film is all too real.
Two months ago Kerry Messer woke up in the early hours of the morning to find his wife of 27 years missing.
He searched their home and the 250 acres of farmland where they have lived happily for the past two decades.
No note was left, there was no sign of foul play and nothing to suggest Lynn Kesser had wanted to walk out of her marriage.
Before kissing her husband goodnight, she had talked about her plans for a holiday and attending Bible class.
When 52-year-old Messler woke he found his wife missing.
Her mobile phone, driving licence and other personal items were still in her bedroom. She even left behind a pair of walking boots she had been wearing while recovering from a broken toe.
For the past two months there has been no sign of Mrs Messer despite an intensive search by police and members of the community where the couple lived in Bloomington, Missouri.
Hunters in the rural area are being asked to keep a look out for the mother-of-one amid fears she could be in the woodland area near where she lived. One theory is that she wandered off after some sort of mental breakdown, but her disappearance is now being seen as a real life “Gone Girl” and has left America baffled.
While more than 2,000 people are reported missing each day in the US, the Kessler case has left police and experienced search teams seeking answers.
“There was no reason for Mrs Messer to leave her home,” said a spokesman for St Genevieve County Sheriff’s Office.
“As far as our inquiries she had a very settled home life and enjoyed being with her family.”
The search for Mrs Messer began immediately her husband, a political lobbyist, raised the alarm.
In the weeks before she disappeared Mrs Messer had not made any complaints about her life, apart from having to wear an orthopaedic shoe to help her broken toe mend.
Like the Rosamund Pike character Amy in the film Gone Girl she was seemingly happy with no complaints about her marriage.
Another similarity with the film is that Mr Messer fears his wife is being held against her will.
In an appeal broadcast in Missouri he said: “Lynn, if you can hear this of course our greatest fear is that you are in a position where you cannot contact us. That she is being prevented from it.
“We won’t quit searching.”
Mr Messler has been interviewed by police and is not considered a suspect.
But that hasn’t stopped local bloggers from pointing the finger of blame at him.
“The husband woke to find her gone is the lame alibi of too many murdering husbands. Sorry to be so suspicious; I’ve been around a long time,” wrote one blogger. 
Another wrote: “I’m sure the police have their eye on him. For now people in Missouri keep your eyes peeled and check your property. Just hope she’s found alive.



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