8 Oct 2014

Maheen Rafia 22 old years student of karachi online dating cute desi girls.

First Name..Maheen Last Name.Rafia Age 22 Years old Religion:Muslim.. Marital Status:Singles … Language:Urdu, English .. Occupation: Student … City/State: Karachi Country:Pakistan.. Future Plans: Wants to be a good” Doctors… Family Status:’6 Members in family, 1 brothers 3 sister.Medical Student Girl from Karachi Pakistan likes extra curricular activities also. She takes part in sports as well as gives enough time to books. Medical Student girl from Pakistan is working hard to fulfill her dream. Girls from Pakistan are giving tough time to boys in each and every field of their life. They are standing beside them and working with them. Girls are supporting men in each and every field of their life. This is good thing when they will combine together then they will stand by each other for the progress of their country.


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