20 Oct 2014

Aryan, Suhana don’t keep a tab on my career: Shah Rukh Khan

Having a globally recognised and super successful father may sometimes be difficult for the kids to deal with. But looks like Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s kids are all okay with their dad’s ‘King Khan’ status. In fact the superstar says that his stardom has never had a negative impact on his children.
The ‘Happy New Year’ actor has three children Aryan, Suhana and the li’l one AbRam. In a recent interview the actor shared that initially his kids—son Aryan and daughter Suhana–were conscious of having a star father, thanks to their upbringing they aren’t bothered about his fame so much now!
“We have never subjected our kids to the stardom. When they were born I was already a movie star. What has been clearly told or understood by them is that I work very hard. Initially, yes when I used to go to school they felt awkward because everybody was referred to as Ramesh’s father or Geeta’s father – but I was called Shah Rukh Khan. My daughter used to be a little taken aback. But no they are not embarrassed of me,” said SRK.
What’s more, the actor further said that he doesn’t force his kids to watch his films. In fact they don’t even have an idea about how much money his movies make after its release! Talking about it, he said, “My son Aryan never comes for my shows or shootings. My children have been brought up in such a way that whatever I do outside of our house is not something they have to necessarily keep a tab on… They don’t know the collection. Maybe after a few days my daughter will ask me if the film did well. It is not necessary for them to watch the film just because I star in it. My daughter watched my last film CHENNAI EXPRESS a week and a half after its release and that too because her friends wanted to watch it at home. My son hasn’t seen it yet.”
What’s more, it’s noted that the actor was in London recently for a promotional event of his upcoming mutli-starrer film HAPPY NEW YEAR. Interestingly, SRK’s son Aryan, 16, also studies in London. The actor revealed that Aryan’s teachers had come to see his concert. “When I was doing a show in London, all of Aryan’s teachers came to see me. I had invited them and Aryan as well,” Shah Rukh said.
HAPPY NEW YEAR is directed by Farah Khan and features Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, and Vivan Shah. The much-awaited film of the year is set to hit the theatres on October 24.


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